Savings Accounts

Regular Savings

Rate Information:
This Account is an interest bearing account. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are included in the Rate Chart. The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on the account Weekly. Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit non-cash items (for example, checks). Interest will be compounded semi-annually and will be credited to the account semi-annually.

Balance Information:
We use the daily balance to calculate interest on your account. Interest is paid for the days in which your account maintains a minimum balance of $25.00 and no interest is paid on those days in which your account falls below $25.00. If the account is closed before the accrued interest is credited to the account, the accrued interest will not be paid.

You must deposit $25.00 to open this account. You may make six (6) withdrawals from your account each four (4) week or similar period.

Fees and Charges - The following fees and charges apply to this account:

Account Fees:
Withdrawals exceeding 6 per month $0.50 per withdrawal.